Saturday, November 29, 2008


No, this post is not about spreading love and compassion to the world.

Time and again, the security mechanisms of our country have been exposed. Mumbai multiple times, other places multiple times. A newspaper today commented that since 9/11 USA was successful in preventing recurrence, while India has been a dismal failure.

Additionally, another report says that intelligence reports warned about this possibility multiple times.
These are indications that we don't care enough. The people who decided to visit India [from abroad] or Mumbai [from other cities] don't deserve this. Who ever planned these attacks have at least been successful in creating a shrink reflex of the word Mumbai. I am sure other cities will be on the watch now - well for a couple of weeks before the next incident. This pattern is what is proving to be very dangerous and painful.

Chillingly though, additional newspaper reports suggest that whoever planned these designed them in such a way that the executioners will perish in the process. The audacity of the events reflects that much. The intent is to create maximum toll and fear in the process. Unplannedly, one of them was captured and he admitted that they were able to reach Mumbai through sea [exactly what the intelligence reports warned about]. I do not know what else will surface from interrogation.

I did not watch any TV reports - the thought is very dismal. But "live, detailed" coverage seems very insensitive. As some readers in newspapers pointed out - are we telling the people inside the hotels exactly what is going on so they can make course correction? The Govt and police should have banned all live telecasts of these events. TRP rating must not be what should in our minds now.

And finally, our political system seems to be able to use anything for mileage. Narendra Modi, yesterday, expressed "disappointment" over the PM's actions. Instead of coming together and offering solidarity to the government, we are using the oppurtunity to take a dig.

Please spare a thought to all folks who are directly impacted by this, the NSG folks, policemen who are on site trying their best, and the townsfolk for Mumbai who do not have a clue where their city is going. At least, henceforth, our systems must gear up to thwart open security breaches like this.

The sad truth however, is that while the remaining buildings will be rescued eventually - because of the way the operation was designed the first place (die and do maximum damage)...
I don't think we can think of Mumbai the same way again till a long time into the future.

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Deepak said...

The Mumbai ordeal is finally over.
But there are more questions now about what we are capable of doing to protect our own people.

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