Monday, September 29, 2008


Now we're talking!

With Pixar, I think the stand should be not to be a reviewer. We need to leave Pixar to take the lead and just follow in amazement. They have a way of taking absolutely outlandish themes and breathe life into it. Wall E is just magic! In general, and with Pixar in specific, the situation has come to the point where the line between actual videography and animation is blurred so much that they can blend seamlessly now. Some one said that, true CGI must be where people aren't able to distinguish between animation and live videography.

It is not just the quality of the animation. The theme and the story writing are stellar as well. First, I think it is an implicit premise that any robot based movie will have the lead robot be not just a machine, but "living human". Think movies like Short Circuit (it's sequel Short Circuit 2 as well), iRobot, Robots. I think it is unavoidable and impossible to make a robot based movie otherwise. So it is granted that Wall E is a human robot. And right where the movie picks off, Wall E generates amazement and respect. Think of a situation where there is no one to watch you, but you carry on with your work day in and day out? Wall E appreciates life and beauty and just has a cockroach for company. One scene which really depicts Wall E's disposition is when he finds an engagement ring. He throws the ring away and saves the box as a collectible! Anyway, there is no point going on writing the story down to it's end. You must watch the movie!

The other aspect - the movie happens someting during the 2800's. It is very interesting to see the movie's take on where the human civilization will be then - earth uninhabitable and full of garbage, a space ship where people are 24x7 interactive TV addicts with incapacity to do anything physical. It leaves a lot of open questions as far as screenplay is concerned, but hey, they are reconstructing 800 years later out of their imagination! We folks are definitely capable of such a situation!

One thing I am not able to pinpoint without specifics: Why do I have so much love and emotion for this movie? Wall E is silver screen magic!

Update: 23rd Nov 2008: This link has an excellent review of the movie (and the BD that houses it)!


Radha said...

Did you cry Deepak ? :)

Deepak said...

Hmm, may be next time :)

Radha said...

Did you cry Deepak ? :)

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