Monday, September 29, 2008


Some things that set this movie apart:

1) A herione who is actually intelligent
2) Rahman's music (awesome both in terms of songs and BGM). It beats me - if it is self-inspiration or if it is the directors knack of eliciting from a composer.
3) A screenplay that actually is sincere in what it is trying to depict

The movie talks about culture and tradition - which India is anyway rich in. But more than all that, despite all the hypocrisies, the politics, the over population, the slow descent into anarchy, the westernization attitude - India was the country where the entire population, the mountains, the rocks and the rivers all looked up to Infinity once. A deluge cannot take this away. The sacred thread that runs as an undercurrent in this land - the land that made that as it's only objective, that is India. India is a synonym for that search. Anyone who has felt it even once, has India within irrespective of where he/she was born. The movie does not depict that. But, as strange coincidence would have it, I was only able to relate to that aspect - very strongly! That makes this movie very beautiful for me.

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