Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Snakes: A Concise Guide to Nature's Perfect Predators

This is a great book - and as it's title mentions quite concise too. What sets it apart are the stunning photographs that embellish the simple and factual statements about the lives of snakes. Some of them are so outlandish - it makes me wonder how they got a capture with such precision, both in terms of image clarity and the timing of the shot.

I read this book for a different reason - I wanted to see if I would be able to tell a venomous snake from a non-venomous snake if I saw one. That didn't happen, I presume that would require a more detailed study or some practical on field knowledge. In any case, of 2500 species of snake, I don't think anyone can possess a detailed know how of them.

Nevertheless, perfect predators or not, snakes are fascinating. And the little knowledge this book provided mystified their aura a little more!


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