Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Garfield - The Movie

The hardest decision as far as this movie is concerned must have been the presentation format. Garfield is too quirky to be portrayed as a "real" cat with CGI helping out on the implementation. Personally, the decision should have been to either

1) Go 100% CGI (Ice Age, Finding Nemo kinds) or
2) Go 100% CGI for Garfield and his dudes.

The right choice was to use Bill Murray as the voice man for Garfield. The offbeat wise cracks tune very well to Bill's regular screen flicks and match Garfield well.

The first half of the movie goes very well, but the ending tames out becoming very cartoonish! Part of the reason for going 100% CGI.

But you can't complain much when a favorite cartoon character is on screen can you? The risk is that the series might die out after one or two tries because it didn't work out very well - whereas the problem might be that it was not presented perfectly. I don't think Garfield is outdated!

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