Friday, June 20, 2008

Superman Returns

The Surprise: For such a massive budget (270 MUSD), the film makers chose to underplay the screen script. Kids probably would be a little disappointed. For a movie making such a large come back, it was a surprise. It almost back fired! But it was a very courageous decision not to go out all-cylinders firing! It is almost like, after a trilogy is made, the film makers learn not to get caught up in the rush and make the movie more subdued. Here, the film makers saw through the process up front and went about this route right away.

Best Twist: When the man gets killed by the piano. That said so much without saying anything!

Painful Spot: When Superman gets beaten up by three thugs after he is poisoned with Kryptonite - he shouts, "But I am Superman!". It touched a raw spot and was very painful to watch. Almost subconsciously rooting for the hero! cry

Adrenaline Rush: There is only one! Where Superman saves the crashing airplane. If not the movie, you must watch this one at least!

Touching moment: For me at least! After Superman is poisoned with Kryptonite, and later rescued - he flies up, up and away, high above the clouds, spreads himself flat on his back to open up himself to the Sun. The Sun is what vitalizes Superman. It is almost a testimony that, even Superman, much powerful as he is, is not beyond the elements - but is only a small part of the Cosmos.

And yes, two other things of note:
  1. The score by John Williams! His theme is used very effectively across the movie by John Ottman
  2. And yes - the next Superman is out by 2009! biggrin. I wonder how they can avoid the scare they faced with this edition!

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