Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sounds of Isha in aid of Project Green Hands

If you were not aware of this, there was a fund raising concert by "Sounds of Isha" in aid of "Project Green Hands" yesterday at 6PM(8th Jun 2008, Sunday).

The atmosphere was electric! I am guessing there were about 2000 people present, but I may be off. All the tracks there were played were very popular tracks of SOI. "Neem and Turmeric", "S3", "veLLiyangiri" and others. Several were foot tapping numbers, and nearly 10-15% of the audience were out of their chairs dancing.

At this point, there are no details on how much funds were raised out of this event. But looking at the popularity of the event here at Chennai, it might be a good idea to move this concert across cities along with "wave of bliss".

  1. It rained before the concert. No kidding! It was a hot and sultry day. It rained heavily exactly 15 minutes before the concert started and stopped after the program began. No more rains after that. The compeer pointed this out amid loud applause. Coincidence or not, it was very symbolic and joyously surprising!
  2. The sound system was providing intermittent disturbances, but it didn't appear to bother anyone in the audience
  3. I had the opportunity to meet several friends I had not met for quite some time. There were people who had come from out of station for this concert.

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