Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Isha Yoga program at L&T, Chennai

As you must already know, "wave of bliss" is going on in Chennai now! We had this program at Porur, Chennai at the L&T (Larsen and Toubro) office.

First off is the amazing campus L&T has smile. Unfortunately, the program timings did not allow much scope for roaming around! It was sprawling with a lot of greenery. Both space and green are rare sights in Chennai now!

There were about 32 participants and it was an English class. For me, I seem to have really caught the "sharing" bug! Ever since I had to share the first time, every single session after that involved a sharing experience!

I had also the opportunity to meet a volunteer (an L&T employee as well) who had finished his program earlier and also did his "BSP" thereafter. For him, the program along with BSP represented a 360 degree turn around - from the outer world to the inner world. As he described his experience - which condensed to a few words would be, "I don't know what hit me!", I got the image of an ad that keeps coming on TV. The ad in itself is not so impressive, but contextualized to his experience, it is a perfect depiction! Of course, what "hit him" is the ground breaking awareness of the existence of a deeper dimension in life.

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