Saturday, May 24, 2008

Food crisis and the leadership solution!

Laughing out loud biggrin:

Read this link: At the level of presidents / ministers of countries, we have started finger pointing! Good way to solve a crisis! The president suggests that people in India and China have started eating nutritious food, causing the prices of staple food items to go up? And so, the alternative? This touch of arrogance at a presidential level is not at all good, for what is claimed to be an inherent right will later be used for justification of grabbing through force. America has done this before.

And good timing to raise the red flag! I do not know, for how long countless people have been screaming about the uncontrolled increase of the world population. Now, at the verge (or overspill into) of the 7b mark, which all the consumption complexities coming to the fore, finger pointing is the best you can do?

Having said that, I think GWB has a point - but it is inevitable. It is going to intensify and not fade out like a temporary phenomenon. There is no going back from where we are now. I think a good starting point would be to agree together that every one has screwed up. The next step would be to revisit our eating, production and consumption patterns see how they can be streamlined. This can be done only when each leader starts thinking beyond his/her country's boundaries. Am I writing a fairytale story?

Bush also blamed "weather-related problems" for the crisis. "Some of the major producers of food have had drought. That's what happens. Weather patterns change. And so there's a lot of reasons why the price of food is high."

Global warming anyone? exclaim

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