Sunday, May 25, 2008

A friend asks only for your time not your money

My "Today's fortune" from Orkut!

I think it is not at all true! There is also this saying "Debt ruins love". May be debt does, if that is the understanding of the transaction. But money certainly doesn't. Many times, we bring in a lot of complexities into our relationship with others by applying old sayings or management "rules". They way we relate to every person in our sphere is unique and is subject to umpteen factors. We need to consider all of this and provide a situational response to the demand (even if it is money). Who knows what need the friend is in? And if (s)he is in a dire need, who else will (s)he turn to other than his/her friends? If this definition implies that a person who asks for your money is not your friend, then it better be that you implicitly understand his / her need for money!

There is no easy answer to this situation. People who are totally at ease with each other may get confounded when money enters the equation. People who trust each other may suddenly be confronting doubts when money is part of the equation. This has to do with the importance money has in the society and in each person's head. We need to learn to deal with this aspect responsibly and honestly!

There is a beautiful episode in "Friends" that illustrates even the best of friends can have issues when money is involved!

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