Friday, May 09, 2008

Breaking Up

This is a "graphic novel". The term is used to illustrate the fact that it is a comic style story. That term is misleading as "graphic" is also used to illustrate extreme violence, etc. I guess it is a commonly understood term in the US.

It captures the life of four teenage girls, their struggles, friendship as they traverse through juniour high. The story is told in first-person perspective of one of the girls, Chloe.

As with American (teenage) girls, the topics revolve around fashion, education, homework, friendship and of course, guys, dating and sex. Where the novel truly scores is how it depicts the emotional turmoil as life changes right before their eyes.

Chloe says that there is a fine line between friendship and betrayal and between "love and caring" and "hurt and resentment"! As they grapple with their changing lives, they finally realize that change is an inevitable part of the process called life.

The illustrations are excellent - they could have been in color :)

I do not know why it was called "Breaking Up", it should have been "Joining Up"!

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