Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Bourne Identity

I am watching the first edition of the trilogy (quadrology now!) only now. Even though Paul Greengrass picked this up starting "The Bourne Supremacy" and later on to "The Bourne Ultimatum", this movie is the precursor to everything. It is also important to remember that the movie has been evolving, both in terms of screenplay and on-screen character intelligence through the trilogy. Case in point will be the car chase. Here it happens in Paris, and it happens in Russia in the next movie. The thrills are the same, but Supremacy attempts to make it ultra-real by giving a first-person perspective to the whole situation. (Add to it, the fact Bourne was shot on the shoulder with an assassin trying to kill him. Bourne nurses his injured shoulder with Vodka and has a map on his thigh trying to navigate. Police are after him as well. Gives me the shudders eek).

Anyway, having watched the other two movies, it was very difficult to watch the movie with a sense of surprise. So I just decided to enjoy Bourne's talent and Marie's beauty wink!

The love affair that started with the death chase in Moscow, then continued through to Ultimatum and then back to Identity is still on. I am waiting for the next movie! Now, I also want to read the original book by Robert Ludlum. If you put in enough effort into something, you can make people do anything! cry

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