Friday, May 30, 2008

Awesome Ads!

Typically, ads work when people can relate to it on a very personal note. Most of the times, it happens when the product is able to "slide in" to a magic moment in day-to-day life. Another strategy might be to bring in a totally new perspective to an otherwise monotonous situation.

Citibank Delhi Metro Card

As one commenter mentioned, a home run straight away! The swaying was a really beautiful way to capture the fact that metro travel is embedded into people's lives in Delhi. And how neatly the card is introduced in the middle of the ad! And the music - truly takes the entire ad to a new level!

Next two ads are for Vodafone India.

Chota Recharge

Actual concept wise, very unimpressive. You can do a mini-recharge on your prepaid account. But see how the ad has been crafted!

Happy to help!

Ask a customer care executive, how his/her daily job is! But the new perspective this ad brings in to this aspect made it an instant hit!

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