Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Whose property is it anyway?

A few days ago, when traveling on the train, I noticed that a neat semi-circular section of the train seat had been cut off. It definitely was not an 
accident as can be seen from the way it has come off. Also, this sight is not 
new - I had seen the same scene at least three or four times before.


Somehow, somewhere - we have it in us that anything outside our home is not ours. 
Even if that would be the case, why spoil a perfectly good seat?

A few years back (probably ten years even), I read an article about a German woman
who was stitching the seat of a train on which she was traveling. Apparently, the
startled co-passenger (an Indian), asked her why she was doing that. The reply
was - "my seat is broken, I am mending it.". With a ten-thousand year culture,
where are still tottering about like infants when it comes to social responsibility.

Yet another incident (involving Germany again!) narrated by actor Vivek. They had
been to Germany for a drama programme. His friend spit (oh yeah!) chewing gum on
the road after he had finished with it. A lady who was watching this came over, picked
the gum with a paper napkin and threw it in a nearby dustbin!

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