Saturday, April 26, 2008

Isha Yoga Program at AIG, Chennai

Even though "Waves of Bliss" is scheduled for May 2008, the corporate programs have begun in April 2008. Several teachers from CBE are already here in Chennai to conduct the programs. This particular class I am referring to had 35 participants from AIG. Today being Saturday, there was a sharing session on "BSP". For the period during which I have volunteered, this was
my first sharing experience :). Standing before 35 folks and trying to convey what happened
during BSP without revealing program content in a two minute window. Hmmm, of course
I am typing all this in retrospect, I walked there and spoke whatever came to my mind.
Not sure if that prompted someone to decide to take BSP or decide no for good - LOL!

Ma Erin is the one conducting the aforementioned class. I had some other plans for Saturday
and Sunday, but the way she asked if I could make it - it was not possible to say no!
Things happen at Isha!

Speaking about "Waves fo Bliss" - Anandha Vikatan issued a Free VCD with this week's issue
(25th Apr 2008). That is an amazing promo, for AV reaches all of TN. The VCD includes
an introductory speech by Sadhguru, QA with Sadhguru and a sharing section from
practitioners of the IYP. The most telling aspect is that IY is changing hats - from being
polite to being candid :). This also correlates directly to Sadhguru's earlier Satsang "let us
make some noise" just after Gramotsavam.

I am pretty sure the VCD will be on YouTube sometime very soon.

Finally, I read this about Sadhana. I still don't get it :-(

“When a person doesn’t seek anything but still he can act totally, with utmost intensity, then there is a way. If you seek, then something else happens; you get entangled with this, then nothing happens. So the whole process of spiritual dimension or the path is just because people don’t get this distinction. They have a mind which doesn’t allow them to be intense and involved with anything where there is nothing to get. That is the reason why it seems to be a great sadhana or struggle; otherwise, it is nothing. If you see this aspect, if you just eliminate this one calculation – “What can I get?” and simply you know how to throw yourself into everything that is around you, then 90% of the sadhana is over in one stroke. Simply, it’s over.”
- Sadhguru

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