Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The Indian Premier League, which was initially labelled as a rebel organization, has finally kicked off its tournament amid lot of frenzy. One must say it is living up to it's hype, gauging purely by public support. The fact that it is not "ICC official" seems to have very little bearing to the euphoria of the atmosphere. To me, the real positives of the tournament are the following:

1) The cultural mix this tournament brings in was previously only seen in charity matches or one off arrangements. You never see McGrath playing for Delhi or Symonds playing for Hyderabad. Infact Rahul Dravid joked that it was very unusual to see him hit a four in Mumbai with no one clapping!

2) The money! Leave out the star players, the IPL now creates an opportunity for so many other stakeholders to make more money!

3) Perhaps, most importantly, the kind of possibilities for Indian youngsters to play in the company of incredible international talent is excellent. It is a great confidence booster and provides very valuble experience which would be hard to come by otherwise.

4) The cheerleading squad.... Ok, never mind!

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