Friday, March 07, 2008

Random thoughts on a weekend...

The 60KCr farm loan waiver, I feel is a long overdue change brought about in the budget this year. I however wonder, despite the enormity of the relief, if it is only a band-aid, as the root causes that created this situation still remain - so the situation might build up again? Whatever said, it is a move in the right direction and a way needs to be found to to move this burden to the rest of the tax payers. With addition individual tax relaxation announced as well (revisions of slab), we need to wait and see how this will work out.
This is still step one, and a step two is required to address the real problem.

India winning the CB series will be an enormous boost (in energy and cash-kitty!) to the team. It will also be a good lesson to Ricky - that arrogance doesn't always pay off. It is probably time for him and his team to think of alternate ways of playing cricket. This "play hard but fair" crap has been going on for quite some time now with a lot of bullshit about imaginary boundaries drawn over on field behavior. It is a simple thing to just decide "cricket only" and focus on the game. Deriving fuel by irking others is not a sustainable way to play the game. India, in a way, is also going the Aussie way - may be a lesson is underway?!? The teams as a whole can take a lesson from the way Sachin conducts himself on-field. The only thing that talks is his bat (read: "performance") - nothing else left to be said!

Yesterday, in a news snippet, I heard about a group of people (public) nabbing an armed man (he had a loaded gun) and handing him over to the police despite being threatened with the gun. That was a surprise, for we don't do such things. May be times are changing?

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