Saturday, March 29, 2008

Random Music Musings...


An inspired Rahman is a treat :). Over the last few days, I was listening to some random songs - not just Rahman's, but these two songs are really beautiful!

1) nenjam ellam (Ayutha ezhuthu - Tamil): Especially in the second interlude, the guitar piece is a treat. Exuberant overflow of love and joy depicted beautifully.

2) ballelakka (sivaji - Tamil): Imagine this - the biggest super star in the industry, the song needs to set the context. It needs to evoke a feeling that is much bigger than a party-mood setting. More like a mini-festival. It also needs to capture a feeling of nativity (south-indian Tamil culture). The song manages to click at all levels. As is unsaid tradition, SPB sings this song for Rajini. My only feeling is that when SPB descends effortlessly with "mei, mei, mei" (close to 16 times!), some effort could have gone in to fill the spaces with proper lyrics instead of resorting to the filler "mei". It probably would have created an awesome impact!


He is truly a gifted composer. The compositions flow truly effortlessly out of his head. I think he is someone who doesn't really have to work to get the tune right. The only work is getting the song ready after orchestrations!

My gripes?

1) He tends to settle for computer generated sounds (even though they mimic a real orchestra). The difference can be made out. His tunes can do really will with a true orchestra
2) His tunes capture the general feel of the situation. The nuances get missed out. Though it is very pleasant to float with the effortlessness of the whole product, nuances make the song rich!

1) paesa madanthaiye (mozhi - tamil): The song captures the mood beautifully - love and pain!
2) annanoda pattu (chandramukhi - tamil): The biggest difference you will see in this song - it is a Vidyasagar song made to fit for Rajini - not the other way around! The song was coded for the mood and still doesn't sound awkward. Of course, customization for super star is there (ippudu choodu!) and the tone of the singer in the second stanza - still, credit to the composer for sticking to his style and managing to pull it off!
3) kandEn kandEn and methuva methuva (both from pirivom santhippom - Tamil): Much more
than love, it captures intimacy between a husband and wife. Not necessarily sexual intimacy alone, but emotional intimacy as well! It's hard to put what the song captures into a precise
definition of words.

Few songs that I listened to recently that bring out the exuberance of Life in one of many ways!

1) Velliyangiri from "Project Green Hands" - Sounds of Isha: Celebration, Buoyancy and Ecstasy!
2) "You only live once" by Yanni - The title says it all!
3) "Ganglat Fran Laggars" by Mynta - Fusion music. Don't ask me what 
the title means! And don't let the genre put you off. I first heard 
this when a German meditator played this and was later lucky to get 
this here at Chennai. Joy and Celebration!
4) Devotion from India 24 Hours: Just one more possibility from the Maestro!
This depicts not celebration or joy - but a feeling of total surrender to something much
much larger that this tiny "self" we experience most of the time. This is no ordinary track!

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