Thursday, March 27, 2008

College Autocracy

I picked this video up from my friend's profile. It is absolutely ridiculous - the content is about "separation of sexes" in several colleges in Tamil Nadu. The video doesn't name the colleges, but Sathyabama is an obvious candidate you can pick out easily from the list. Jeppiar's interview is totally ridiculous and probably comes from his political roots - "tamil culture" is the reason. The other reason is "to help focus on studies". I already knew about these colleges and their policies, but the extent to which it is depicted here is stunning. In an almost apartheid style, even the stairways are separated out by gender and barricades are erected in buses to divide seating!

I however, wouldn't blame the colleges as much as the students (and their parents) who choose these colleges for their education. Why go through four years of life in a jail? Speaking from experience, with exceptions of a few elite institutions, it really doesn't matter which college you get your education from for your job, provided you know your subject well. Also speaking from experience, I have noticed that silent revolutions work much better than vehemant revolutoins! If in a particular academic year, not a single soul joined the colleges listed, you can be sure that there would be a "policy" change right away!


Raji said...

deepak...:-) these colleges are chosen only by the parents for their children. when my aunt choose this college..I told her that its a jail and they talk too much in the line of boys and girls. She replied "collegukku padikkathaane porom, yehtukku pasangaloda pesanum". Obviously she was happy that her daughter was stopped talking to boys. The real kodumai is even the lecturers should not talk to the opposite sex students. I will first blame the autocracy and narrow minded attitude existing in the grass-root level of our society and then these fellows like jeppiar.BTW these colleges have high percentage of boys and girls having affairs or eloping. Well we can understand why it happens that way. :)

Deepak said...

Like I said, though what happens in these colleges is ridiculous, only students and parents need to take responsibility for the situation. As long as we allow all this, it is going to continue under one pretext or another.

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