Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cellphone Providers and Marketing...

The cellphone providers' market is really heating up now with Virgin mobile also jumping into the bandwagon.

However, only Airtel seems to have grasped early the importance of building a brand. Their really masterful plan was when they roped in Rahman to come up with a theme. So successful was the music that so many different versions of it under so many orchestrations are out and just hearing the tune will associate Airtel with it. See this video and the theme that comes along at the end of the video. The ad itself is quite cute! So many common people are now brand ambassadors for Airtel because of this tune (ringtones!).

More recently, Reliance came up with it's own theme which is quite awesome as well. It does sould a little like Airtel's theme, but the core job of associating the brand with the music is done! See this video and the theme at the end - again good work with the ad as well!

I think other providers need to realize - stars will not always be around and must find a way to reach people where there are no video screens.

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