Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Random thoughts on a weekday...

For a change... :)

Somebody asked Sadhguru once, "What will youngsters do with Yoga? For the stress they're undergoing, don't they need things like discotheques etc?"
Sadhguru replied, "Discotheques are temporary relief. What they really need is something that is with them every moment of their life. Only Yoga can provide that"
I had a live demo of that today! Typically, when work pressure gets overwhelming, the tendency of skipping Sadhana for that day is a normal one. But in reality, we're forsaking something vital - especially when we need it the most! The horse never gets tired, even when the jockey does :)

2008 edition of Kailash Mansarovar Yatra has been announced! "gulp"

Watched some of thennavan the other day. One scene in the movie, the BGM is a replica of "Barbarian Hordes..." from Gladiator. When I say replica, I am not even referring to reorchestration or adaptation - it's the IT equivalent of copy-paste. YSR, the son of such a great composer :-(. I hope Hans Zimmer doesn't set sight on the clipping :)

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