Sunday, February 24, 2008


Story of a boy who gets to know about his teleportation skills. Where the director could have focussed on the teleportation aspect, it gets weaved into the plot as a given and thus degenerates into "old wine in a new bottle".

Doug deserves credit for thinking through aspects of the skills, the visuals, the way people's reflexes adapt to a new skill as they become second nature and so on. However, to me, teleportation seems to be a natural evolution in human skills, so I wish the director spent more time here. However, instead, pitting teleporters against people who are bent upon killing them ("paladins"?) is a cliche.
At the later half of the movie, everything moves in blinding fashion and it is difficult to make much sense of what is going on. Overall, it appears that the movie missed it's mark by quite a distance.

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