Saturday, January 26, 2008

Random thoughts on a weekend...

A very painful photograph...
Hundreds of thousands of birds have been culled once avian flu (H5N1) was discovered (West Bengal). I am not very clear if all these birds where affected or if this is the easy way out. Also makes me wonder if a more scientific approach can be taken.

Ahem, one more test!
You Are a Banana

You are mellow, easy going, and a total softie on the inside.
People find it really easy to get along with you. You suit most tastes.

And while you're very sweet, you're not boring or ordinary.
You have an attraction to the exotic, and you could show up anywhere... doing almost anything!

You are spirited, energetic, and a total kick to be around.
You're also quite funny. Your sense of humor is on the goofy side, and it fits you well.

One more! (this description is very consistent from several tests. The only other description I have gotten is ENFP)

Your Personality is Very Rare (INFP)

Your personality type is dreamy, romantic, elegant, and expressive.

Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 6% of all women and 4% of all men
You are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving.

4th test... Seems headed for a draw. Though both teams are playing well, the run rate of either team is too low to allow enough space for four innings. Should India have pressed on in their first innings as they have greater need to win this match?

I heard that Burj Dubai (the world's tallest building or tallest to be) houses a 7 star restaurant. A cup of coffee here is 250 USD (no kidding!). I wonder what would be in the coffee to cost so much. You cannot drink diamonds :)
Also, prorate this to a week's stay at this place! And if there are people who can afford this, the economic gap between these folks and the people at the other extreme is just staggering and spell-binding!

I was talking to a friend and mentioned that I was going to buy a copy of "First Things First". The friend was dismissive, not in a negative way, but said instead that "Mystic's Musings" was the base for everything. Everything that is addressed in any management book would be present in this book. It is not easy to make the connection at first, but the latter addresses everything about a human being and traverses dimensions not everyone would like or would be ready. What I enjoyed most was the assurance with which my friend spoke, who concluded saying "You read your book and you'll find what I said is true!" I did complete "First Things First" and it is beautiful in it's own right. Stephen Covey strikes me as a very very integrous person. But in the end, my friend would be right. If we are open enough to Mystic's Musings and can imbibe the material as deeply as possible, we'll be settled for good in terms of everything we need in this lifetime!

I think Thursday was foreigner's day for me. When driving to work, I saw at least three cabs with foreigners, all dressed up in formals. Apparently, clients visiting the offshore IT offices. But I never forgot the face of two folks in the cars. The terror of wading through Chennai traffic was apparent :). With IT highway under construction, the interim situation was even more messy. I guess, in their minds they would've been saying "Oh my God {option expletive}! People actually manage to drive through this and reach their offices!". They would've been happy they were not on the driver's seat! But seriously, in about ten years time, even after much streamlining, I think traffic will move only at snail's pace at most places in India. I guess, Mumbai is already like this. Several parts of Chennai and Bangalore, at least during peak hours, are like this. Add poor and irresponsible driving, and a traffic chaos is the perfect outcome. Once for a long stretch (~1km), I was able to out pace a Maruti car caught in traffic. I was walking! May be, linking the entire city through underground trains (something like NYC) would be a worthwhile project. If we start now, it can be completed by 2020 or so - but it would be the perfect complement to exploding traffic. The budget would be staggering though, but it would be an incredibly sensible infrastructural investment that would also address the traffic chaos in a long-term way.

"pirivOm san-thippOm" (tamil movie) is beautiful :)

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