Sunday, January 20, 2008

Random thoughts on a weekend...

a) Sadhguru addresses the Davos question. Click on the link and search for "Sadhguru" to vote. Voting ends 21st Jan 2008 (that's tomorrow, IST!). These votes make possible to showcase Sadhguru's address at the WEF and to other leaderships. Please cast your vote and pass on this message!

b)India defeats Australia. Victory aside, it showcased the fact that it is possible to play competitive cricket with Australia. It is now two games in a row after Sydney. What also stands apart in this victory was that it was not achieved by a single person's contribution. Every one chipped on.

c) We watched a magic show by P C Sorcar (or Sorcars!) yesterday. None of us were able to explain a single trick. I can say for sure that some tricks involved illusions and / or mass hypnosis. It's too mind boggling to think of it any other way. In a way, this is an art form by itself. I wish they could train magicians through a school instead of leaving it hereditary.

d) I was surprised to notice this was the most popular post(in terms of views) in my blog over the last two months or so :)

e) Isha kAttuppO (ஈஷா காட்டுப்பூ) is becoming popular. Nice to know :)

f) Happened to read some reviews / comments about a few English movies. Just reading thru them was intolerable. It kept me dizzy for an hour or so. Watching the movies themselves... eeks! I'll keep you away from the URL's even :)
Gives me the feeling that many of us are walking volcanoes. People with tools for expressing them (movies, novels, blogs!!, on other people) find some relief by venting it on a short term (but what happens to the recipients?!?). What about others?

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