Monday, December 31, 2007

Wholeness - December 2007

For me, of several aspects, what remains fresh in my heart are the volunteers of this program. Sadhguru used to say "A happy face is always a beautiful face". In several situations in the program, I saw several beautiful faces. People become very precious and lovable when they are in tune with their inner nature. I could clearly see this happen to so many volunteers during the process of the program. I already spent one day at office after volunteering and how badly I miss them and people like them - the contrast is too startling! Just being around them was total joy!

Then, the participants - it was another real pleasure to watch their faces change during the course of the program. During the beginning of the program, many of them complained about the program being too stiff (one participant referred to it as "not having enough 'space' "). The last evening of the program, at about 11PM in the Satsang, Sadhguru wanted to close the session and almost all the participants cried out with a unified "Nooooooooooooo"! A few participants were in tears as they thanked the volunteers after lunch on the final afternoon. One participant came and hugged us, saying "You guys are as great as Sadhguru". Too much of an overstatement, but the fact that they were overwhelmed was clear.

Another aspect that will remain etched will be the trek. Considering the varying age groups of the participants, the trek was only upto the first hill about 2.5 hours uphill. The volunteers were divided to two batches - the first one scheduled to depart at 4:30AM in the morning carrying cooking provisons for mountian-top cooking! I was part of the 7:30AM batch - and our job would be to escort the participants, especially those who were not strong enough up the hill. We reached the top by about 10:30AM. After brunch, there was a Satsang with Sadhguru, where he spoke about how the center came into being. It was an intense session where he shared several experiences and spoke about the sanctity of the place. It seems, after all participants left downhill back to the ashram, he opened his arms wide laid back on the tree and said "I do not want to come!"

Physically, the work was back breaking - for most of the volunteers, despite being 150 in number. Because we were involved in the situation and because of the collective focus, it did not matter. It really was a demonstration of what people who work together for serving a situation can accomplish.

A final feather to cap all the celebration was the ceremony conducted by Sadhguru amidst participants to marry two couples !

It would be too exhaustive to detail everything that went on in the eight days, but I can say one statement with conviction. Only now do I totally understand what Sadhguru meant when he said - "Our lives become beautiful not because we are perfect. Our lives become beautiful because we put our heart into what we are doing"!

It has been so long since I have been so consistently and intensely happy :)


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