Saturday, November 10, 2007

Necessary but not Sufficient

I think the arrival of "The Goal" created a new genere - "Technical Novels"! Though weird to think of, I think Eliyahu Goldratt pulled it off. Since then it has spurred off several other novels by him on the same subject.

This novel explores TOC (Theory of Constraints) as it applies to IT. It is true that people who have read "The Goal" will not find it so earth-shattering. However, the plot is compelling and a lot of what he has to offer makes sense. But a paradigm shift that "The Goal" caused is not available here and "The Goal" would remain his flagship work.

All technicalities aside, what strikes me across all of his works are, the changes that are most difficult to make are those that make most sense! And yes, "Technical Novels" work! They are much more easy to read and register very quickly. You also get to read a great story. They come with their limitations. Unlike a theory book, there are possibilities of missing important concepts as the writer is forced to stick to the context of the plot. Reading his foreword, it is clear he is aware of these limitations but decides to stick to the genre anyway. This is more than fine!

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