Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Conversations with Yogananda

This is an account of Paramahansa Yogananda as narrated by Swami Kriyananda (Donald Walters), His disciple. In many ways, reading about a Master through His (or Her) disciple is more fascinating that reading the Master's words themselves. This is because, the disciple's views bring an invaluble facet - the way the Master lived. I recall another book I read some time back, called "Diamond Days with Osho" that brought the same feeling. In this book, one gets a glimpse of Paramahansa Yogananda's towering stature.

What amazed me multifold was that, I had gone through Autobiography of a Yogi at least thrice - and then many more times in random. As expertly as He had weaved His life story, and several others' in the process, he has managed to conceal his Greatness with the same talent. He stands as an example of incredible humility. Without "Conversations with Yogananda", I would have never known this. Despite the countless turmoils Planet Earth is going through, She is truly blessed to have seen people like Him. Just having known Him, and people like Him make the process of being born worthwile.

It seems, one disciple, after he had made a mistake, asked PY "You will forgive me, won't you?". With a helpless look PY tells him, "What else can I do?"

PS: This book is available as a free download.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Project Green Hands - 1st Oct 2007

This time it was seeding work at Prakash's house.

I was swamped through the weekend and on the morning of 1st Oct 2007, but I decided to join the team on Radha's suggestion. I had to go there with my full kit (laptop, data card etc) in case the need arose - which never happened :)

This time, we were four of us - myself, Radha, Balaji and Ramya. It was also my chance to visit the bed at Prakash's house. On their terrace, their bed comprises of nearly 6000 packets. Some of them had already sprouted. I was able to identify 'arasa maram' and 'vEppa maram'. It was amazing to think - something so tiny and cute is going to be something so giant and encompassing.

Step 1 of seeding was preparation of the seeds. Balaji took instructions from Govindasamy anna (if you are @ Chennai, you invariably know who this is. His house is home for a bed of 1.5L saplings). It involved washing the seeds in boiling water and then cleaning them off in cold water - they are ready to plant. Our seeds were yAnai kUndumani again - I'll try to get the english name next time!

Our original plan was to complete seeding for all the packets - but our estimate was totally off. Because of overnight rains, many packets were already moist and conducive for seeding, so one task was off our plate. Otherwise, it would have involved sprinkling water on all packets until the soil was not rigid. We used a stick to prod the soil until a hole of about 1.5 inches was dug, placed the seed in the hole and covered it back. With four of us working, we started @ 4:30PM and continued till it was dark. At the end, we had covered about 2000 packets.

I dropped of the the team after our work was done and that sealed PGH work for the day!
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