Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tetris Blindness...

Watch the video below. Back in the earlier days (school, college), I used to be a computer game addict. Eventually, after hours of play-time, you become so accustomed to the game that you know where each door, barrel, switch is. It gets embedded in the reflexes. So much happens in parallel and you still handle the whole thing effortlessly - akin to driving a car, listening to music in parallel and chatting with your buddy by the side. Now-a-days I don't play games much, except for arcade stuff [ :) ]

I used to be pretty good at Tetris as well - my dad got a hand held Tetris game which I used to play for hours. Eventually after all levels were done, the whole thing would restart and there was nothing more to do with that game. In the video below, the blocks (there is a Tetris-speak keyword for that - I understand no true Tetris player will call them "blocks"!) start falling so rapidly but the player handles them effortlessly. Up until this point, we can argue for repeat-play expertise. As noted above, one becomes accustomed. But then, the blocks become invisible - and the guy (I am guessing!) still blows it away. It made me shudder! Just to think of the possibilities the human body and mind can reach when pushed beyond the limits!

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