Friday, September 07, 2007

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I recently read an article about a former model who was forced into situations where she had to beg for a living. Keep in mind that she is not 50 and modeling was during her heydays. She is just over thirty now and she was in the limelight just a couple of years back. Eckhart Tolle keeps saying that we live in an insane society. You never disagree with him, but the impact of what he says doesn't really sink in unless you read something like this. You inhabit the glossy pages of fashion mags one day and you are at the other extreme at a later point. I don't think this frenzy will stop until we realize that Life involves more than pleasure.

A related incident that is posted on the Isha blog - where the blogger has lamented on the fact that sensational incidents are given priority attention while something as magnificent as planting 700,000 trees on a single day sinks quietly into the dark. Kalamji mentioned the same thing during one of his speeches. Even reputed newspapers like "The Hindu" - which I hold in high esteem, gave front page coverage to the picture of the shooter in the Virginia shootout incident. The news coverage for the above news piece (700,000 trees) was somewhere in the middle of the newspaper (that was published on a different date). Our priorities as a society need to change if we are to collectively evolve as a species.

India vs England
When India was down 3-1 - Ravi Shastri says - "It's hard to see India recovering"
When India are level 3-3 - Ravi Shastri says - "The momentum is with India"
So much for "expert" opinion!

I read an interview of Silambarasan in Kumudham. (A confession - I was attracted to the interview from the headlines on the cover "nayanthAravai maRakka mudiyavillai" {"I cannot forget Nayanthara"} - it is so easy to fall into the gossip trap, especially knowing so well, the reputation of this magazine). Apparently Silambarasan is a hurt man for many reasons he confesses during the interview. But when it came to the section that was the frontpage headline - all he said was "whatever I say, you're going to write this - so let it be that way". He almost hit the nail on the head by capturing the psychology of the interviewers / magazine. And they happily took that to be his permission and did the exact same thing. Few things
- When some one is hurt, either help them by being supportive
- or just leave them alone
Using this as a means to gain some magazine circulation seems very cruel (if you want further proof - most of the pictures in the interview were from his movie stills where he kisses one or more actresses on the lips)
- One thing that baffles me is, knowing the magazine's nature so well, why did he agree to the interview in the first place?
(PS: I am not any fan of Silambarasan - just for the record!)

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