Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Isha Gramotsavam

It is very hard to describe this event in an organized fashion because this event is a concoction of several individual event. In a way, it is a culmination of what Isha has done all these years.

  1. Celebrate Isha Fest

  2. Celebrate Gramotsavam

  3. Kick off Project Green Hands 2007

  4. Celebrate 25 years of Isha

The sore point of the entire event was the necessity to invite the CM. There is an unfortunate need to attract attention to an undertaking like PGH. We have already been discussing about what the media focuses on generally. However he himself was amazed by the magnitude of the event - because it takes quite some doing to organize something of this scale internally - especially when it does not involve religon or politics.

We went there on 22nd Sep 2007 (Saturday). Work was happenning round the clock right from Saturday morning till the function ended on Sunday evening. I worked very little (2 hours on Saturday night to help with creation of garlands for the dias). I knew several volunteers who worked through the night until the end of next day till the function ended. In fact, this was one of the aspects of the event that even lay people noticed and asked Sadhguru at the Satsang later.

Unfortunately, the Satsang had to be cut down by nearly an hour because our dear CM was late by the same time. Two events from the function remain etched in my head

  1. A questioner asked Sadhguru - "I see people working day and night in the roads for this function. What did you do to these people?" (work in the roads involved distribution of invitations to people, place hoardings at vantage points to inform people about the function)

  2. At the end of the Satsang, many eyes were wet with tears. People were dancing joyously for some strange reason you cannot point a finger at.

It was an unforgettable night. My hope is that, what got triggered in the form of PGH takes root (!) deeply to trigger more work and inspiration from people in this area.

If you missed it or did not have the opportunity to attend this function, check out the web link or buy the video package that would be released in a few weeks or do both!


Anonymous said...

Agreed, I dont understand why the CM was invited.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, I dont understand why the CM was invited.

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