Monday, September 24, 2007

The Bourne Ultimatum

Several movies have high adrenaline sequences. This movie runs on adrenaline! When the intermission was announced, I had to remark to my brother - "Already?" Some time back, there was a comparison between Jason Bourne and James Bond. This movie pushes the bar a little higher in favor of Jason Bourne. The cinematography, editing and the choreography are combined in the right mix to present everything to the viewer in a blinding fashion. Just enough to see, a bit more and frustration is bound to ensue (some people already are frustrated!).

Speaking from a more personal note, the movie is top-notch. It will be very disappointing when this series comes to an end - I presume there will be just one more. Unlike James Bond or Spiderman, you cannot keep dishing out Jason Bourne movies because the story line follows a thread.

I keep reminding myself not to fall in love with a fictional character!

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