Saturday, August 18, 2007


The title for the movie is not clear - despite technology being involved.

This is a very believable plot, yet one may question the probability of the occurrence. Having said that, Harrison Ford is a near perfect choice for this role. It almost feels tailor-made for the "truly innocent guy being harassed" role. I will never forget his facial expression when, for the first time he is threatened at gun-point.

One of the reviewers in Digg pointed out the impossibility of taking an iPod, severing the optics from a fax machine and linking them to form an optical scanner. May be, for the common man. Harrison Ford is being projected as a computer expert and the screenplay doesn't exactly say how long he spent on this task. I would write this off as not being a plot hole. Also, the other areas where computers are involved, real scenarios are used. Typically, the screens are tailor made for Hollywood for dramatization purposes. If an email arrives, an envelope flies into the screen notifying the message. The filmmakers have kept everything real consciously, and admirably.

The ending becomes very tame and dramatic at the same time. It would have been a surefire punch if Harrison Ford had truly outsmarted the bad-guy using his brain than brawn. Overall, with all factors accounted for, this will be a "watch-once" film.

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