Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Effortless Ease...

During one of my drives, by coincidence, I happened to hear several Vidyasagar songs on radio - in sequence - one after the other. What struck me most was the effortlessness with which the songs flowed. It amazed me how easily he manages to hide his immense talent in favor of simplicity and melody. It slightly saddens me that he takes the easy way out with orchestration. The demand for prolificity causes this compromise, I think. Despite this, his songs are melodious, natural and simple. I cannot help but contrast him with Karthikraja, who seems to struggle with his immense talent again. He frequently gives into over-experimentation and ends up making the songs complex.

Of course, there is only one musician I have seen who is the embodiment of quintessential perfection of music. The height of simplicity and complexity both at the same time. And this without losing his stamp of individuality on the music. And this without failing to cater to the needs, moods and depth of the song. Of course, this outcome of pitch perfection is the result of years of fiery intensity and focus to his work. An intensity that is probably matched or exceeded only by Yogis and great Spiritual Masters. Indeed his music is his Sadhana.

Overall, TFM is in good hands :)


Rams said...

and who is that?

Deepak said...

Some things are better left unsaid :)

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