Saturday, July 21, 2007


I haven't watched this completely yet. But I've seen enough to comment about this.

I heard about Cirque de Soleil through one of their audio books. Hearing that left me dumb struck about how much pain they took to get every one of their acts right. Another aspect that was truly stunning was their attention to detail. Like how so much detail goes into making a single Flower in nature - they pay attention to their make up, training, movements - it was "Wow" in a breathtaking exclamation.

Then, one of the reviewers in Amazon went to the extent of saying this about Quidam - "Towards the end of this video I was struck with the thought "if ever the human race were put on trial by extraterrestrials for their atrocities, this should be exhibit A in their defense."

Wow! That was some feedback. Watching this video was such a humbling experience. The level of artsmanship that went into this work, the synchronization of so many parameters - the music, the aerobics of so many people in tandem - it makes it very difficult to type as you're gasping for words to describe this. And as the video progresses, you can see this on the face of the audience, clapping their hands the same time they are shaking their heads!

Quidam - is not an aerobic show, it is a way to life your life if you scratch the surface to look under the hood. Don't be "entertained" watching this. Be "inspired". That will be the true value you derive from this work. It changed Frank's life (referring to the audio book above).

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