Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Peaceful Warrior

A very powerful movie - and it is based on the true life story of Dan Millman. Actually, it is from his book. Sort of, reminds me about Deepak Chopra's book, Fire in the Heart.

A chance (though it is easy to have a debate about this word's usage in this context) encounter with "Socrates" changes the life of Dan forever. Whatever this movie teaches is what Eckhart keeps saying all along. But a movie form, which has mass appeal, that delivers a message such as this becomes a very powerful medium of positive communication.

But I guess it takes a heart that is seeking to resonate with this message at least at some level.

Take this one message from the movie - it is not a catch phrase - we can live or life by this - "There are no ordinary moments". And yes, do watch this!

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