Monday, July 09, 2007

Movie Mania...

The Razor's Edge:
This movie probably deserves a separate post of its own. The story of one man's quest for the meaning of Life. Though one can't help feeling that the screenplay takes it a bit too far. However, the respect for the character of Bill is inevitable when he relinquishes a settled, comfortable Life for a deeper search. He even travels to India - then gives that up because he does not find what he is looking for (yeah, he didn't look at the right place or didn't meet the right people!). Overall, a bold exploration - albeit sad one.

Die Hard 2:
Propelled by DH1's success. DH2 managed to beat it's predecessor's box office record. Meaningless good guy thrashes bad guy story - but the screenplay is exemplary. Bruce Willis' on-screen charisma shines through again. I enjoyed this movie, but I keep asking why I watched this after I did!

Die Hard - with a vengeance:
See DH2. Same review holds good!

The Hunt for Red October:
Directed by John McTiernan (DH1 and DH3). Exemplary screenplay again - you realize this especially after the movie ends where they manage to hold your attention with on screen dialogues only. This movie won an Oscar (not for best picture though)

Dr Dolittle:
I loved the theme, though it wanders off from a spiritual connotation to plain humor. I am sure that must have been the intention to start with. CGI is used to make the animals speak English (wisecracks no less). If you watched K-PAX, there is one scene where Kevin Spacey communicates with a dog by barking, woofing with it. It gives a sense of how one relates to animals at their level. Here, Eddie Murphy speaks with them in English, they understand and respond in English, but the people around him perceive this as Eddie barking, mooing, cawing etc (communicated through the on screen dialogues). It is funny to watch, but was sort of disappointing that an opportunity was missed! Overall, the movie does it's job - providing some continuous fun. It also spawned versions 2 and 3.

Peaceful Warrior:
This movie deserves a separate post of its own. Later :)

See "Peaceful Warrior" above!

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