Sunday, June 24, 2007


"Holy Crap"!

1st word is for Rajini, 2nd word is for the movie :). So much for all the hype. Shankar must really let this frenzy of creating a Utopian society go. The pre-interval footage was totally wasted - the movie really starts after this. As always, most of the songs don't fit - Rahman's BGM is only average, screenplay is totally unrealistic. Redeeming factors are Vivek and Rajini. Rajini and Shankar must be commended for allowing Vivek to hog so much of the limelight. The comedy is such a big plus. People who expect nerve tingling Rajini fare will be disappointed.

BTW, the ticket prices at Indiaglitz were sold at a premium (double the price). But guess what, @ the counter, there was a note saying "cash only". The internet purchase will come in as "" on the statement (no clues for guessing the reason). So much for the movie that wants to eliminate black money from the country!

I will say, don't give in to the hype and save your money for now :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ocean's thirteen

Steven Soderbergh seems to have really mastered the art of complex plot sets. This is third time in the row now with O13. With Al Pacino joining in the fun (or taking the bullets), it's all the more enjoyable. I won't give out any of the plot points, but I had to watch this twice to get some of the nuances. The director's decision to leave out Julia and Catherine Zeta is a good idea - and some how, with the vast array of stars, he still manages to use them well without wasting any. I hope there is an O14 :)
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