Tuesday, May 01, 2007

World Cup 2007

Aussies seem to be true juggernauts now. I kept waiting for their end sometime during this WC ("law of averages") but that never seems a remote possibility now. They are firing way to consistently. I am thinking it will take a lot to evolve to their level - but I do get put off by their arrogance. All said and done, they do deserve a bow for their focus.

But SL do deserve a bow as well. They were the only team who could have halted the Aussie 'mean machine' and they showed a glimpse of that during the first half of the chase. Unfortunately, sustenance was a problem due to the Gilchrist blitzkrieg. Had Aussies made about 230 or so, this would have been a true thriller!

Overall, right now in the cricket arena, Aussies are floating at a different level now!

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