Saturday, April 28, 2007

Random thoughts on a weekend...

Finals today. Neither team I wished would win the world cup made it. Now, I hope SL wins this - again for the same reasons. Aussies have won it too many times now! I guess Aussies are favorites, but there is no way SL can be written off.

The SL vs NZ semi was accentuated by Mahela's century. Such was the innings that it would be a bench mark for playing a stellar knock under pressure. Too bad they weren't chasing - the same innings would have been perceived as a classic under the circumstances.

Watched "unnAlE unnAlE" yesterday. Very passable movie - nothing special. Acting was very bland with very unnatural emoting. Even HJ shines only in certain places. Only the pre-release hype and the glossy coating on the screenplay carry the movie forward. The story had a lot of scope for depth - but doesn't deliver. The attempt to sketch a Hollywood style screenplay is evident, but doesn't deliver due to insufficient board work (Jeeva can use vattAram as a case study!). The movie does have some good humorous elements sprinkled around, but even that loses focus. To me, it looks like a lost opportunity! Cheran's mAyakkANNAdi is next...

Spiderman 3 is out next week :). Estimated at a whopping 258 MUSD - though I don't have any doubt it will recover the amount back.

Are you used to telling lies when it really isn't required? Say, if it brings about a benefit - either in your business or for your personal well being - you may or may not tell a lie in the situation. Sadhguru says there is a karma involved with that lie anyway. But what about cases where you lie for no reason? (sheer habit, (peer) pressure, fear). I had to do this today - it is a very unpleasant feeling.

If you're interested in investing, Fidelity's new international opportunity fund is out - closes 30th Apr 2007.

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