Sunday, April 22, 2007

Random thoughts on a weekend...

Lara bids farewell. It was a sad way to go - I was disappointed with Marlon Samuels. For such a big occasion and a packed crowed wanting to witness his batting, he should have put more thought into his call for the run.

So, it's Aus vs SA and SL vs NZ in the semis. One would assume it is Aus vs SL in the finals, but I would love to see either SA or NZ lift the trophy this time - since they haven't done so before. We should go by merit, I guess...

I watched Jerry Maguire - again! Keeping the theme aside, the movie really scores in depicting a very complex amalgamation of emotions from different characters on screen. I read that the writers came up with thirty drafts of the script before approaching Tom Cruise. I'll remember the last line Dorothy says for some time - "You had me at Hello!"

Bajaj's Pulsar 200
is out. In the ad, they say "Stunts performed by experts. Do not attempt them". Well, the stunts are the selling point for the bike and hence the ad. So once we buy the bike, what do we do? Ride it like a TVS 50? Besides, I doubt if ALL stunts were really "performed". In one scene, a double somersault is performed. I wonder if it is technically feasible. It would be nice if ad makers show a little discretion in their ads.

Two great articles I came across. One titled, "Don't buy stuff you can't afford". One would assume this is common sense advice. But only when you see the video do we get reminded how much we buy on credit. This is especially true for the USA. Credit Cards make sense only when used as a "cash substitute". Even so, there is definite truth that CC's make you spend more.

The other one lists ten tips for leaving a lighter footprint. Under current circumstances, I think we have quite some distance to go till this becomes common practice. There was one article I posted earlier which measures your Eco footprint. That will also give a clue to how damaging our current living habits are.

Another great article about plastic biofuel generation. As common in India, this got caught in red tape! But thanks to the resilience of Alka, this project has seen light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully this technology would become common in days to come.

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