Thursday, April 05, 2007

The God Delusion

I happened to browse through this book at a book store.

The title should make it clear that the author argues there is no God. A part of his frustration stems from the constant bickering there exists among religons. I am sure there would be other intellectual questions that are typically athiestic.

But what surprised me most was that, when some one has the audacity to come up with a title that says 'The God Delusion', he must be ready to stand by his views. A chapter in the book said 'Why there is almost certainly no God'. Why the 'almost'? That single word takes away the entire credibility of the chapter, and the book in fact. No matter how many logical points the author would list, it says that the author is not 100% sure - so how can he expect the readers to listen along?

I am sure I won't be reading that book. In anyway, whatever question Mr Dawkins puts forth, I have a feeling CWG would provide a good rebuttal.

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