Friday, April 13, 2007

Conversations with God - The Movie

The book with the same title was (and is) one of my favorites.

I feel it is very difficult to bring full justice to such a loaded script in a 2 hour movie - in that context, the crew has done an admirable job.

Just like in Indigo, I would like to keep all reviewing gripes aside when confronted with a movie like this, because I would like to see more of these movies coming out. Being aware of so much of Neale's history (disclosed by himself through the CWG series), it was truly fascinating to watch this unfold on the movie screen. Some areas were very poignant - for instance, Henry's emotions when he is choked by the sight of being watched at after his hunger gets the better of him and prompts him to eat food from a dumpster. The dialogues were also were neatly presented - for instance when Neale leaves $150 as tip to the college girl waiting his table, she exclaims "Oh My God!" and Neale replies "My God too!".

Whether you are aware of the CWG story or not, I would recommend you to watch this movie - it can be a real eye-opener to a new way to relate to other people and Life itself. It was a gladdening thing, watching a movie with a story that was already so close to my heart!

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