Friday, April 13, 2007

CIA Flicks

The Bourne Supremacy

I recently read a post that matched Jason Bourne and James Bond. Having watched Casino Royale recently, I had a good chance to review their skills in close time lines. My vote goes to Jason Bourne, and in this movie you see why. Primarily, the credit goes to Matt for his subdued but awesome portrayal. In the comments of the above post, some one mentioned that Bourne is more realistic than Bond which is true as well. I will wait for the next version of the Bourne series.

The Recruit

A story about new CIA trainees being caught in a double-cross setup by Al Pacino. The story does succeed in getting the viewers caught in a mazy plot, but it ends with a feeling that it could have been better. I was hoping to get an insiders view of the training they undergo and the trainees first time experiences as they undergo a real test. The betrayal is a surprise nevertheless and I like Al Pacino's screen presence in general. Worth a watch!

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