Saturday, March 10, 2007

Post Partum Depression

Post partum depression ostensibly manifests itself when self negating thoughts bombard your already overtaxed mind continuously. A rather precarious position for a vulnerable individual to be in, I should say. A panacea might be the exodus of thoughts from your mind. Not infrequently, resorting to a hibernation in their favorite couch happens as well. Alas, again not infrequently, resumption from hibernation is revivifying. Meticulous attention to frequent behavior patterns might point to underlying groovy thought patterns which might pave a way for liberation. Or try reverse-glossolalia on your own thoughts. An impossible feat, it appears like. All said and done, while you have it, your motor neurons work in an impaired fashion making it impossible to carry on ones mundane day chores with any efficacy. Why then would you behave in a way that leads the uninvited guest to your mind-home? The answer, I think, is simply that no cost overheads are associated with rudimentary unaware behavior, alas thinking short term only. If a price tag that read "post partum depression" presented itself lugubriously in your behavior pattern, you would think twice pertinently before resorting to the dreaded trap. Ah, mournful dissertations!! For some refreshing inspiration, no undesirable situation gets so bad that there is a way locked when you return home. Sanctification is but a step away - hmm, ahem, alright, a few steps away - provided discipline of rigid exactitude is followed rigorously in a clock tick fashion.

May you know the bliss of the Creator.

PS1: The idea for this post was from Sadhguru, where he commented that writing a dissertation on almost any subject is very easy provided you have vocabulary inventory of even 10% of a dictionary. The above is a mini dissertation on "post partum depression"
PS2: I have no idea what "post partum depression" is.
PS3: I really hope you did not go thru the above post :). Please take nothing of this, except the very last sentence before the "PS1"
PS4: If your cranial region can hold 10 tomes worth of the drivel above, you should qualify for a Ph.D (yes, this way if writing is slightly addictive)

1 comment:

Rams said...

Ha ha haa.... but for the PS I wud hav assumed this post to be a perfect candidate for "esoteric darkness"

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