Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Myers-Briggs Personality Test

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The results are very interesting and accurate (for me).

The test is based on Carl Jung's work on personality types. What I understand is that each human mind is "conditioned" though a lot of experiences, ideas, opinions. What Jung has done is to classify these conditioned patterns into 16 types. There are four primary drivers - communication disposition ( Introversion / Extroversion), sensory disposition (Sensory / Intuitive), analytical disposition (Thinking / Feeling), judgemental disposition (Judging / Perceiving). Each driver is predominant in a human, so 16 combinations are possible. ISTJ, ISFJ, INFJ, ISTP and so on.

I am not qualified enough to say if additional drivers are possible, but from a broad perspective, this classification seems sufficient. I feel that learning the personality type of people we commonly relate with (project mates, family members) provides an additional perspective into their behavior and will allow more awareness for people to accept others' behavior when it seems outlandish or just odd.

Now things become very interesting when seen from a Spiritual context. Spirituality is concerned with 'being out of your mind' (literally) :). But most of us are identified with our mind and hence our personality type. As we go deeper on the spiritual path and learn to dis-identify with our BMW (Sadhguru used this term for Body Mind World!!), I feel the "personality" and hence the "personality type" begins to change. That will result in interesting behavior changes as the behavior will reflect situational context. I wonder, how accurate the test would be when some one like Sadhguru or Eckhart Tolle takes the test. I think the test will not even apply!!

For me, I would say that the test was quite accurate.

E=6 Extraversion
I=5 Introversion
S=3 Sensing
N=17 iNtuition
T=4 Thinking
F=15 Feeling
J=3 Judging
P=16 Perceiving
You are an ENFP

At one different time, I got an INFP. Looking at the numbers above, I guess it is on the border of INFP */ ENFP *.

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