Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Myers-Briggs Personality Test

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The results are very interesting and accurate (for me).

The test is based on Carl Jung's work on personality types. What I understand is that each human mind is "conditioned" though a lot of experiences, ideas, opinions. What Jung has done is to classify these conditioned patterns into 16 types. There are four primary drivers - communication disposition ( Introversion / Extroversion), sensory disposition (Sensory / Intuitive), analytical disposition (Thinking / Feeling), judgemental disposition (Judging / Perceiving). Each driver is predominant in a human, so 16 combinations are possible. ISTJ, ISFJ, INFJ, ISTP and so on.

I am not qualified enough to say if additional drivers are possible, but from a broad perspective, this classification seems sufficient. I feel that learning the personality type of people we commonly relate with (project mates, family members) provides an additional perspective into their behavior and will allow more awareness for people to accept others' behavior when it seems outlandish or just odd.

Now things become very interesting when seen from a Spiritual context. Spirituality is concerned with 'being out of your mind' (literally) :). But most of us are identified with our mind and hence our personality type. As we go deeper on the spiritual path and learn to dis-identify with our BMW (Sadhguru used this term for Body Mind World!!), I feel the "personality" and hence the "personality type" begins to change. That will result in interesting behavior changes as the behavior will reflect situational context. I wonder, how accurate the test would be when some one like Sadhguru or Eckhart Tolle takes the test. I think the test will not even apply!!

For me, I would say that the test was quite accurate.

E=6 Extraversion
I=5 Introversion
S=3 Sensing
N=17 iNtuition
T=4 Thinking
F=15 Feeling
J=3 Judging
P=16 Perceiving
You are an ENFP

At one different time, I got an INFP. Looking at the numbers above, I guess it is on the border of INFP */ ENFP *.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Kinesiology, Dr Hawkins and Calibrations...

Of all the topics "out there", I find the concept of determining "Truth vs Falsehood" through kinesiology most interesting and baffling.

Part of the bafflement is how Dr Hawkins is portrayed, both by himself and by several of his admirers / followers. When you read / listen to his work, you get the feeling he is "enlightened" - btw, this is a logical conclusion, not intuitive.

But then, so many other errors, inconsistencies or just a plan uneasy feeling of "something is not right" creeps in.

I see a lot of truth and application for the concept of his "Map of Consciousness". Each level of truth / calibration has it's own "hum" or "frequency". I can sense this in more than one occasion. For instance, watching "Hearts in Atlantis" and "The Insider", I can feel the former at a higher vibrational frequency - or in other terms it calibrates higher. This is reflected in so many situations, meeting people, objects we interact with, words we use, attitudes we demonstrate and so on. I guess, most of us are / were intuitively aware of this fact, but it took Dr Hawkins to come up with this crystal clear mapping to show where each one exactly fits. I was, and still am, so much caught up in this.

Where things get a little disturbing are with the actual calibrations that DH comes up with and bases so much of his conclusions upon. Some of these appear totally counter intuitive to me. For example, he calibrates JK at under 200 (which is not even integrous if you look at his map). If you have ever read JK, you will know that it is just not true. Ditto with Osho. Also, calibrating people at a certain level is a little discomforting, because people don't behave the same way at all times. We are compassionate some times (500+), logical some times (400-500) or just plain afraid (100 or so). It was very striking to see DH come up with a logic to calibrate Einstein at 499 (the border of logic and love). Yet it was the same Einstein who said, "There are two ways to live your Life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." (a deeply Spiritual way to look at Life). Read the quotes here and it will be clear that he was not some one who was stuck in logic. We can also discuss a few other examples - like Eckhart Tolle. Personally for me, he was / is one of the deepest imparters of truth and possesses amazing clarity and insight into things. He is calibrated at 240 (LOL) while, I personally would calibrate his "The Power of Now" at 600+.

In summary, I feel that DH's work on the calibrations (the concept, the map) is very deep and insightful. I am grateful for this contribution. But he as a person is not free of biases, judgments and errors. His "Power vs Force" is very deep and insightful work, but I would like to treat him like a scientist who comes up with something but he himself is not free of biases and judgments. See this link for one more instance (of course, this is personal and subjective).

And the technique itself is something that I cannot come to a conclusion upon. For now, I just have my intuition to rely upon. There is no way (at least not in my current awareness) that I can vouch for something that comes up with an "objective number irrespective of my current opinions or feelings" on any given topic / subject - more so given the above discrepancies I see.

I would continue to go to DH for his future work, but I guess there ends the fascination I had with the "person".

Math with Verizon cust reps...

Too much mud slinging on the reps, but do read this - it IS funny. Click on the title link and read the blog from the bottom. Also hear the call on the YouTube link. Some one even says, 'This is a clear case for outsourcing...' :)

Friday, December 08, 2006

Cellphones and Cancer?



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