Monday, November 06, 2006

vattAram - வட்டாரம்

Since I watched the movie with very little expectations, was really surprised at the rock solid script. Personally for me, this movie marks the transition of Saran into the mainstream directors' list along with MR, Bala, Gowtham etc so I can look forward to his next movie.

The story really has only one thread - our hero rising to Don status in a gang starting from scratch. What really keeps you glued to the seat is the screenplay and some surprising twists in the plot. Saran is quite nonchalant in dishing out some heavy blows in the script without any build up - the murder of 'Ayira' for example.

As usual, since he has raised the bar by so much, I have to complain about needless usage of songs and using the herione (very pretty - I hear she's Lakme's brand ambassador) as a puppet. Her only job is running behind the hero in the hope of winning his heart.

The amount of research done on guns is commendable. Saran could have resisted the attempt to show off his research [:)]. Also commendable is Saran's decision to stick with Bharadwaj throughout most of his career. The chemistry seems to work out well. Some songs are quite evocative. BGM is not spectacular, but does the job.

It's pretty hard to beleive a drug dealer being shown as an idiot (falls for a simple trap of being told that the gun isnt loaded and shoots himself in jest).

Radha suggested that the title 'ariyAsanam' was better. It makes better sense when considering the story plot.

Overall, this movie is very close to being top-notch. I have to watch this again to get more of the nuances, I am sure I missed a lot. Dialogues for example. I am glad we decided to watch this movie over Vallavan and Varalaru.

To talk in Sun TV terms 'vattaram - ariyAsanam' :)

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