Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Race among FM Stations...

Suddenly, from 107.1 only, there are already 5/6 FM stations just for Tamil folks.

Without exception, the driving force in airing content is TFM (tamil film music). That being the case, the differentiator would have to be the presentation (surrounding the content) and the quality of broadcast.

In terms of presentation, I think Mirchi (98.3) is a clear winner. They seem to keep coming up with innovative ways to present content. Their flagship RJ seems to be 'Suchi' (Hello Chennai). I've seen that Sun FM (93.5) Jockeys try to mimic the cool nature of the Mirchi RJ's in their presentation, but don't seem to quite pull it off :). Hello FM (106.4) has one RJ who even tries to modulate her voice to sound like Suchi (hope it's not Suchi freelancing!!).

In terms of quality of broadcast, 106.4 rocks. 98.3 is good as well. Don't know what sets the sound apart - the quality of broadcasting equipment?

It would take something radical to come out of the TFM mode, but I suspect nothing else keeps the audience glued to radio other than this. May be some time before that happens.

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