Thursday, November 30, 2006


Quite often we speak about acceptance. This particular word is at high-risk of being cliched (in line with God, Life, Karma and other words) where the meaning behind the word is lost and the word becomes just a label.

A few days back, when travelling through Kotturpuram (near Adyar, Chennai), I noticed that many trees had been stumped out (meaning completely cut out but just the trunk of the tree stood out). The drive used to be beautiful with the roads lined with rain trees in a line. I am not very clear about the thought process about this decision, who authorized them and so on, because the road is not being expanded either.

It was raining at Chennai at that time. One startling sight was that many trees had started sprouting again. They had survived the cut and had started growing with the rain's support.
Think of the biggest disgrace you can go through. And accepting that as it is and starting from there - this one aspect touched such a deep chord within me, that I find it difficult to place in words. Of course, it looks like this aspect is provided by Nature to trees and animals because their's is an unconscious sort of acceptance, because they cannot be any other way. However, it is such a humbling experience to witness this, because I cannot but help correlating this with the fuss I and many people make during many occasions for trivial things. Some times, this might be associated with the pain body (courtesy: Eckhart Tolle / The Power of Now / The New Earth), but even otherwise, this is how the ego is is - 'endlessly grumbling on' :).

We humans could learn so much by witnessing Nature - plants and animals.

PS: It is not that I had to witness a tree being cut down to learn acceptance. The same lesson can as easily be seen by witnessing a flower dancing in the wind. What I saw was just an example of how unconscious and insensitive our day-to-day behavior in this world is.

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