Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Isha Greenhands Meeting - 18th Oct 2006

Very few images evoke so much intensity in me as does seeing Sadhguru in the Namaste posture.


It turns out that Isha and the involved people had planted over 800,000 saplings over three days. It is also mind boggling to think about the amount of work that would have happened prior to the actual planting dates.


The meeting was a genuine celebration of some truly stupendous achievement. It would be a real crown for the effort if other states follow suit, and if Tamil Nadu intensifies the effort in the upcoming months.


I also got to meet another amazing personality, Nammazhvar. He has a very humble and gentle presence about him. I had to keep myself from crying on a few occasions, especially when he touched Sadhguru’s feet. Nammazhvar went on a journey by foot (called ‘pasumaikkarangaL pAdha yAththirai’) to spread awareness about the importance of trees to people. It is very rare to see people with genuine commitment to do something for both humanity and the environment.


Sadhguru’s discourse was very intense. He normally tones Himself down during public meetings but not so in this case. Rest of the speeches barring Nammazhvar’s were hot air (save Vairamuthu’s kavithai in the end). I think involving the CM and the Governer were part of Sadhguru’s insight to mobilize media attention.


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